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Literary Translation

Your literary work is the result of your dedication and creative effort. With Talker Agency’s book translation services, you can translate your work into as many foreign languages as you’d like, ensuring it reaches audiences around the world. Our expert translators are skilled in retaining the nuances of your work and your writing style so readers can experience your writing as intended. We can handle fiction and non-fiction literary works, as well as children’s books. For those in need of only excerpt translations, Talker Agency is also capable of translating individual pages of a book instead of whole works.


When your book undergoes a literary translation, it becomes available to readers of different cultures. As part of our services, Talker Agency is mindful of the cultural adaptations necessary for successful literary translation. We use native speakers of the target language who reside in the country for which the works are written, ensuring the translators can alert you to any red flags that would not be appropriate in the target culture. Talker Agency’s roster of skilled translators covers many languages. View our languages page to see a selection of our language offerings.


At Talker Agency, we understand that literary translation has the potential to be difficult because of the specific nature of language. We know some words do not translate accurately, or that others simply do not exist in the translated language. A literary translation should not mean a literal translation. When we perform a professional literary translation, we retain the unique tone and original message of your work. Translating literary works is an art form in and of itself, and we take great care to employ professionals who are capable of understanding the complex nature of literature translation. We work with great care to maintain the same literary concepts and effects that you put forth in your work.


An author’s style is often his or her trademark. When it comes to book translation, some authors fear their style will be sacrificed in order to deliver a readable copy of their work to foreign language speakers. At Talker Agency, we offer high-quality literature translation. You deserve the peace of mind that your particular literary style will not be forfeited in the translation process. Maintaining your personal style and vision is part our language solution services.

Page-by-Page Translations

There are some instances in which authors may feel that they need only a few pages translated in their work. In such situations, we offer document translation services. Whether you only need a prologue, a glossary, bibliography, or appendix translated, we have the services for you. Simply contact us and let us know what you need translated, and we will do our best to deliver your translated pages as soon as possible. Please consider using our literary translation services if you feel that you need longer works, such as chapters, translated into a foreign language.

At Talker Agency, we understand just how important your literary work is to you. We know how much work you’ve put into it and that you would like to share it with the world. You can do that with our literary translation services, as our experts are skilled in working with creative written material. Fill out our form today for a quote, and to learn what Talker Agency can do for your book.

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